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Katie Williams is a twenty-something artist who has painted a perfect future in her mind. But with art sales failing, her engagement broken off, and a stack of bills to pay, her vision of starting a nonprofit seems well beyond her reach.
The opportunity she has only dreamed about becomes a distinct possibility after a mysterious delivery arrives at her local cafe table. The wooden crate, sent by an unknown benefactor, contains a famous artwork destined to send her young life on a new and unexpected trajectory.
How much of her future will be her decision and how much will be decided by the secretive benefactor she has yet to identify?

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What happens when a sword-swinging heroine, motivated by an ambiguous prophecy, leads a band of fighters against a dark army and fails in spectacular fashion? She waits 800 years until the signs confirm they have might have another chance at defeating an ancient enemy. Oriel Toussaint looks 16. Her passport says that she’s 21. If she had a birth certificate, you would know she’s actually 1,248. Having lived for centuries, she’s trying to get the band back together so they can try it again.

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How would your outlook on life change if you were hired to attend funerals for a living?

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Where Dreams Lead